Arti's Fundraiser for the construction of a community school in Nepal

Help us build classrooms for students in Nepal

Hi family and friends!

Thanks for checking out my fundraising page! As some of you may know, I am traveling to Nepal at the beginning of March to support Acts of Kindness Collective (AOKC), a non-profit organization run by incredible individuals I was lucky enough to meet in my past travels. AOKC will be working on another inspiring education project: a much needed school expansion for a community in need, building more classrooms and improving existing facilities.

In March, an amazing group of AOKC volunteers will be visiting the school site. We will build classrooms, connect with the wonderful students and staff, and look to raise as much human-kindness and funds to support the completion of this much needed gift.

Following the devastating destruction in Nepal during the 2015 earthquake, this school was re-constructed by Action Aid Nepal, who built 6 classrooms, 1 teacher/staff room and 1 storage room.

The school has now outgrown the facilities and the community needs more classrooms to be able to take in additional children into the school system, especially to provide education beyond the 5th grade level! AOKC is working on facilitating this much needed expansion as well as further improving student education with a computer lab, library and clean filtered water.

This is where you come in. Any donation helps and goes directly to funding school construction costs, including wages to Nepali locals helping us improve education in the community. The AOKC is a volunteer run organization so you can be confident your donation is being put to good use and only towards costs on the ground. In the incredible scenario where this project is over-funded, any surplus would go towards other educational projects.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to be a part of a group of 14 like-minded humans, heading out to Nepal, to help with the construction of the new classrooms, library and computer labs. I was lucky enough to grow up with access to a rewarding education and resources that allowed me to learn, grow and expand my interests through out the years. I wish the same for these amazing kids and that having access to education will empower, inspire, motivate and ultimately, provide additional opportunities for their futures!

Thank you everyone for reading all of this. I will keep you updated with news and pictures!

Giving is not just about make a donation. It is about making a difference.

Lots of love,


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