Help us build classrooms in Nepal

We need your help to build more classrooms to a community in need in Nepal.

Following destruction during the 2015 earthquake this school was re-constructed by Action Aid Nepal who built 6 classrooms, 1 teacher/admin room and 1 storage.

The school has grown out of their facilities and the community needs more classrooms to be able to provide schooling to the children in the area. This is a highly impoverished area with a high need being able to take in more children into the schooling system, and teaching them beyond the first 5 grades to give them a real shot in life.

AOKC is working on facilitating this expansion as well as further improving student education with a computer lab, library and clean filtered water. This is a much needed upgrade so more children can get schooling and the existing children at the school can continue their education.

Any donation helps and goes directly to funding school construction costs and pay wages to Nepali locals helping us improve education to children in need. The AOKC is a volunteer run organisation so you can be confident your money is being put to good use and only towards costs on the ground.

In the incredible scenario this project is over-funded the AOKC will use any surplus towards other educational projects. For any donations over $1000 please contact the AOKC team directly to avoid large transaction costs.

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